Hi there, My name is Mark, head coach at South Coast Kitesurfing Ltd. I’m an experienced IKO level 2 kitesurfing coach, I’ve been training kite surfers from all backgrounds on and off the water for the past seven years.

South Coast Kitesurfing is the only dedicated, kitesurfing school providing lessons in Poole Harbour. We can provide kitesurfing lessons tailored to your specific needs, we operate to IKO school standards in Poole Harbour, Dorset, independently from the Poole kitesurfing shops.

South Coast Kitesurfing was formed in 2001, our aim was so to be the first and only dedicated kitesurfing school in Poole Harbour. We do not sell equipment, instead we concentrate on producing responsible, safe kitesurfers.

South Coast Kitesurfing offers a huge amount of fun all year round. 7 days a week 12 months a year, we cater for everybody that would like to experience kitesurfing.

To try kitesurfing no previous experience of board sports or water sports is required, whatever your level we will take you through a comprehensively laid out course which complies with the IKO standards.

If you already have your own kit we can evaluate your abilities and safely help you progress to the next level. Or if you are an experienced rider who wishes to make your first big jumps we have a program for you.

Kitesurfing Lessons

0845 241 24 22

(National low rate call)

We also provide introductory taster sessions, kitesurf clinics for experienced riders, team building exercises, corporate events, red letter days, gift vouchers and stag and hen parties can be arranged for that exhilarating pre marital experience with opportunities for great photos! (organised parties will be run separately under strict safety guidance).

There are many ways to experience the joys of kitesurfing. We operate with a personalised approach that will help you with those little things that make a big difference to your learning curve. We look forward to seeing you in the safe, shallow and warm waters of Poole Harbour for the most fun you have ever had in a rubber suit.!